Three Cups of Lint

It took me about six months to collect three cups of lint because I line dry most of my clothes. Finally I had enough to try this cool modeling material. I hate all those kids’ play dough recipes which use huge quantities of flour and salt, a terrible waste of good food. So I’ve been collecting lint and pencil shavings to make modeling materials which are both more durable and more ethical than the traditional salt dough. I’ve also been collecting the clear molded plastic covers which display all the junky toys my kids love so much. I love the covers. They are shaped like very cool aliens.

Cooked and ready for modeling

Since the boys are on vacation they helped me moisten the lint with two cups of water, then we added 2/3 cups of flour (I know, I know, good food. But less than the 6 cups other recipes call for). We stirred it over low heat till it became uniform and slightly shiny, added a few drops of oil of wintergreen (to keep vermin from snacking on the flour), then after letting it cool a bit we pressed the felt-like goo into the molds. I’ll post pictures when it dries in a few days. In the interim we’ll be testing the pencil shaving dough, if I can get the boys excited enough to help, or distracted enough to let me do it on my own.


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