Moving beyond IKEA

Pop-ups are magical, but they make publishers nervous: they are so very expensive to produce. That is why I finally figured out that if I want to distribute my pop-ups I need a little help from the end user. Sell it cheap and flat, then the buyer will make it spring out of the page! It’s more fun that way too.

These past days I’ve been working feverishly, adapting the IKEA house for publication in a spiral-bound book which could be cut up and folded into an eight room, two story residence. I had designed this house in the hopes that IKEA would produce it, so I filled it with their furniture and accessories, but the Swedes gave me the cold shoulder.  They never even answered when I asked if I could use their images, so now I’m stripping my design of all signs of IKEA design. The house is the better for it. Their banal artwork has been replaced by never before seen Rothko watercolors or paintings by my brother-in-law Alexi Worth, their cheap rugs by antique 17th century carpets on sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars… It’s quite fun “shopping” for this house. Money is no object.

The above photo still has IKEA written all over it — there’s even their catalogue on the coffee table! I’ll replace it as soon as I make and photograph the new version.


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