Flip to knit

I love flip books. I love knitting. A flip book is the perfect tool to teach knitting! You can see the movement, and stop to check the position of yarn and needles at any moment. There was no way I could hold the camera and knit, however, so I’d been bugging my sister to model her hands and skill for me. Today we managed to get together to knit and film — I will be publishing a pre-assembled flip book on Lulu, but if you’d like to make your own you can get the template here. Just be aware that it’s kind of a large file: there are 13 pages each for casting on, for knit, pearl, adding stitches, reducing stitches and casting off. In addition to my sister’s beautiful hands, you’ll see my dog walking around in the background…

I should note that the knitting style in these animations is the “European” style, which most expert knitters agree is faster than the traditional American way of knitting… less hand and yarn movement.

Update, July 23, 2012

It’s taken me a couple years (doing the layout was mind-numbingly boring, so I kept putting it off) but you can either buy a ready-made flip book with 6 separate black and white animations (cast on, knit, purl, add stitches, reduce stitches, and cast off) for $9.50 or download the color template to print, cut and assemble the flip book yourself for $2 (this download includes casting on, knit, purl and casting off — it does not include adding or reducing stitches)


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