Fun with a Shredder

I had no desire to make anything practical on this beautiful Spring day, so instead I played with my shredder.

The “lantern” was made by folding a red sheet of paper in half, feeding it fold first into the shredder, then quickly reversing the direction before it had had time to go all the way through. I unfolded it, joined the two ends, then inserted a partially shredded white tube to help it hold its shape.

I love the cardboard “pop-up” for its simplicity. When you open the card the white strips fan across the page, since a tab on the bottom is glued to the left of the crease, and the tab on the top is glued to the right side.

The bottom shape was made by folding a square on its diagonal, twice, then feeding it to the shredder starting with the tip of the triangle. With a little folding and gluing the tips together I got this shape, but I could have made a variety of other beautiful geometric forms.

You can also make some useful things with the shredder. Instead of buying ribbons an attractive way to gussy up a wrapped gift is to shred a little matching paper and form the strips into a little “bow.” You can recycle your old, ripped wrapping paper by shredding it and using that as stuffing for wrapping or shipping fragile objects — or use it to feed your pet worms.


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