This is a soda bottle

I’ve been playing with my shredder again… After cutting off the top and bottom of the bottle and cutting the remaining tube lengthwise to get a rectangle, I fed it into my overworked shredder. It didn’t quite work, I had to rip and slice the half-cut strips off, but eventually I ended up with a handful of stubbornly curled PET. My plan was to weave a fruit bowl, but as I was “welding” the strips together with my cheap little soldering iron I became more and more convinced that this was the ugliest and most useless container I’d made since kindergarten. It really is. But when I placed it in the sunlight to photograph my failure I saw its charm. It is a hideous fruit bowl, but a very attractive light diffuser when placed over the right lamp. Some day I will try again, combining clear and green PET, perhaps weaving in a little white HDPE from a milk bottle. With the right LED bulb (halogen would melt the plastic) the result could potentially be stunning.


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