Blow Eggs

With Easter coming up it’s time to prepare some eggs! Instead of coloring hard boiled eggs which then need to be consumed, or worse, thrown out, for years I have been blowing eggs so I can decorate and keep their delicate little shells. My parents still have some eggs which my sister decorated four decades ago.

Put one small pin hole into the top of the egg (really, there’s no need for anything bigger) and a slightly bigger hole on the bottom by chipping the egg with your pin. Just 2 or 3mm (1/32nd of an inch) will work just fine. Then blow. Blow till your ears hurt! If the yoke gets stuck, stick the pin in the bottom hole and poke around to break it up. Rinse the empty shell with warm soapy water, dry it, and store it till you’re ready to decorate. Needless to say, cook up some scrambled eggs or bake a pound cake.

Generally white eggs are best for decorating, but brown ones will die a beautiful deep red.

We all have different decorating styles: I like to experiment with different techniques and I tend to be impatient and quick, which makes my eggs a little inconsistent. I’m usually split between the geometric decorative and the conceptual (the eggsistential egg, for example, with Sartre quotes scratched on the dye). My sister concentrates, and  very patiently draws, paints, scratches or glues the most amazing, jewel-like creations. This year my eldest son spawned a family of twelve terrifying egg monsters while his younger brother turned eggs into fruit and vegetables. Anything goes! Here are some eggs from Easters past, created by members of my family of all ages.


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