Buy a house, no mortgage required

For as little as $12.95 you can now own an eight room, two story, fully furnished house with a Steinway Grand piano, 16th century Turkish rugs, and artwork by Mark Rothko, Alexi Worth, and yours truly… Go to and you can choose from a deluxe coil bound book, a letter-sized saddle stitch binding, or even a digital file to download and print (either the whole house or each individual room separately).

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I have donated a built prototype to my son’s school’s fundraiser auction (I’ll report back on the result — if it’s flattering) and a copy of the book to a ten year old girl so she can tell me how difficult it was to build. She was thrilled to get it, but homework and a play date got in the way of immediate construction.

Update: the house sold for $60 at the auction. The winner’s daughter just came up to me today to say how much she loved it. For some reason a compliment from a 7 year old child, a stranger, is one of the most gratifying one can get — probably because there can be no ulterior motive for the praise. Also the ten year old who is building the house has made six rooms already, and her mother said it was very hard to get her to stop: “It’s addictive,” she said.


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