A trim but no shave

My whole family (with the exception of the dog) came under my shears today, and although I’d love to be able to write a nice tutorial on how to do it, the truth is I don’t really know. The key to learning is to pay attention when a professional cuts your hair, then to be friends with people who are broke and not too vain. That would be my high school boyfriend. Then pretty much all the guys in my college dorm, but I temporarily quit that unpaid job when one of my friends insisted on reading the paper as I cut his hair (“It just doesn’t feel right otherwise”) and another got really upset (and a new professional haircut) after I messed up and gave him a bob. So there can be some painful moments, like this morning, when I snipped off a piece of my knuckles, but as I pointed out in my award winning instructable* on saving money, this is a great way to economize.

* I won a T-shirt

One thought on “A trim but no shave

  1. If you are interested in learning more about cutting your own hair, I’ve been on a fixed income long enough to get fairly good at cutting my own (enough that my last yearly haircut a week ago the stylist couldn’t tell I had done it myself). I am too lazy to blog about it myself but I would be happy to share what little I have learned about cutting medium long and short cuts on thick curly hair. 🙂

    Keep up the great blog posts, found you through your spray cleaner instructable. So few people really understand when to keep their acids and bases separate and when to mix!

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