How to Hit without Hurting

As the mother of two boys who tend to show affection with their fists I am always trying to find ways to encourage games which will not end up in the emergency room. This weekend I  finally made the perfect weapon: an air bazooka works by pushing a blast of air through a small opening, which, if aimed correctly, can give a harmless (and agreeable, on a hot day) slap of air on your face. It took me about 10 minutes to cut the bottom off this kitty litter container, loop a string of rubber bands through the handle, and attach it to a plastic bag which I then taped around the cut-out bottom rim. When you pull the bag out the rubber band stretches, then when you release it — snap — air blasts out the front.

To attach the rubber band to the bag, fist use a little duck tape on both sides of the plastic bag for reinforcement (tape the bottom of the bag, in the center). Hook two small metal rings (or paper clips — but those can become unhooked) to each other through the reinforced area of the plastic bag. Attach the rubber band (which you previously wound around the handle) to the inside ring. The outside ring will be the “handle” you pull to shoot. Now fit the plastic bag around the rim of your container and tape it down. That’s it!
This can also be made with a plastic milk gallon jug, but since that container is smaller the air blast won’t be quite as satisfying.


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