All About Glue

In Henley’s Formulas, Recipes and Processes there are literally hundreds of recipes  for all kinds of glue: paste, mucilage, or cements for all purposes. There is a special formula for labeling skeletons and another for “medical” paste for living tissues, glue for affixing metal to wood, fabric to glass or rubber to cork. I took a few of these recipes, tested and adapted them, added more recipes from other sources, and posted them all on instructables.

I should say that these recipes are no better than commercial glues. They even have certain disadvantages: they don’t keep, they might provide food for certain small creatures you may not wish to feed, and in some cases they might even cost more. Don’t let that stop you! There’s something very satisfying about making your very own Elmers with a bit of skim milk, some baking soda and vinegar.

This photograph shows my brand new seashell necklace being reinforced with a dab of white glue.


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