Chocolate honey lip balm in pop art package

A couple years ago I concocted this tasty chapstick recipe, because my kids couldn’t stand the stuff, and I grew tired of smearing their cracked dry lips as they slept. I wanted a recipe they would use willingly; what better flavor than chocolate?

I quickly realized I had hit upon the perfect small holiday gift for all the casual friends, colleagues, and teachers in my life. It’s very easy to make in large quantities, inexpensive, and yet, since it’s home-made, it’s still a personal and cool gift. The only thing missing was a good presentation.

Problem solved! I just finished the design for this pop-up chapstick holder, inspired by the pop art master, Roy Lichtenstein. Our blond friend’s lips aren’t really sealed — they slide open to reveal the secret to her smooth lips: your tube of home-made lip balm. The template also includes a version with a blank speech bubble, in case you’d rather write your own message.


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