Besides my paper engineering designs, which have their own website, here are links to some projects which do not necessarily enter the scope of Make Anything, but which might be interesting or useful for someone nonetheless.

I design with solid (and liquid) materials too — this stunning pool makes full use of the skylight, glass, stainless steel and water to create a magical space in the basement of a West Village Townhouse in New York City. I thoroughly enjoyed moving from my original concept drawings, through countless meetings hammering out the technical details with engineers, architects and contractors, to finally see my vision come to life. After all the miniatures in paper-crafting, making something BIG and real was very exciting.Pool renderingpool transformed

This is a sound studio I designed and built in a residential apartment building. I used a whole variety of materials and construction tricks to get good sound proofing and good sound treatment (read more here).

In addition to the studio itself, I built the custom mixing table pictured above. At this time plans and instructions are not available, but you can view additional pictures and drawings here.

This coffee table was, with my light headboard below, featured in PlyDesign, 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood, by Philip Schmidt. He dubbed it “Type A Coffee Table” because it’s a versatile do-it-all. It holds coffee, obviously, but also feet, books, newspapers and large quantities of junk, plus it moonlights as a car and toddler entertainment center. View plans and building instructions.

This headboard is easy enough for anyone to build, and it doubles as an ideal reading light.

Though I am planning on writing about soldering, I can’t teach stained glass in a couple paragraphs. These are fairly old projects because I haven’t had access to a studio in years. It’s a shame, because glass is one of my favorite materials.

This set of four panels was designed for windows in my old apartment — but I decided to take them with me when I left.

Some day I will publish instructions on making this impossible sofa bed, because it has withstood the test on time: I designed and built it more then 4 years ago, it still looks great despite being abused daily by overly energetic boys, it’s still comfortable to sit and sleep in, and I still love it. For now you can see photos (and find out why it’s impossible) here.