Mixing table

This was a super fun design project because the myriad constraints made it a very interesting challenge. I needed to fit a mixing board, a computer and a full sized MIDI keyboard plus four large computer screens on the desk, but the top of the screens could be no higher than the bottom of the monitor (aka: loudspeaker). Meanwhile the center of the monitor had to be at the same height as the mixer’s ear. Also all five surround monitors had to be at the same distance and the room was fairly small. I measured the mixer on his chair, the room and all the equipment. A keyboard had to fit on the desk, but since it wasn’t always in use I had to place it on a retractable shelf. I also had to consider cable management, heat and noise.

I drew a model in 3D of both the room and the table. The only way it could work was to make a three level table. I had a carpenter cut the pieces in a wood shop, using left-over mahogany from the studio wall panels, and then I assembled and finished the table in the studio.

Table-top is curved to allow more room for the computer screens

Shelf pulls out — aluminum finish matches the studio trims

MIDI keyboard can be pushed out of the way

Cables can be hidden but the back is still open for air circulation

More cable management

You can read about the studio design and construction here.