Although Make Anything, a Handbook for Saving Money, Living Green and Having Fun with Trash is still a work in progress (and therefore unavailable), I have several other books and projects you can buy now:

Available in paperback or hardcover

In Henley’s Twentieth Century Book of Formulas, Recipes and Processes ten thousand recipes from the ingenious to the horrific are collected, representing the cutting edge of science and technology — in 1914. Poison antidotes, pyrotechnics, cosmetics, fireproofing techniques, cleaning formulas, photography, and spirits are just a small sampling of the subjects covered. You will learn to clean pearls by baking them inside a loaf of bread, or how to fix broken porcelain with glue extracted from a freshly dissected snail. You will catch a glimpse of a world on the brink of the Great War, when house keepers needed to detect the presence of formaldehyde in their milk or the ability to save rancid butter. There are instructions for turning plate glass into mirrors, for writing with invisible ink or building a solid floor out of paper. Not only will you see history more vividly than you’ve ever seen it before — you can recreate it!

The text from this edition of Henley’s Twentieth Century Book of Formulas, Recipes and Processes was published in 1914 and it includes an introduction by yours truly. Choose between a slightly abridged paperback edition (a few pages on metal alloys and pigments are omitted), for $15.95 or the unabridged hardcover for $32.50.
Order this book directly from for $9.50

Order this book directly from for $9.50

A very different book in style and content,  Flip to Knit, is a flip book manual which contains 6 different animations (with black and white photographs) which show you how to cast on, knit, purl, add or reduce the number of stitches, and cast off, in the European style. List price is $9.50 or you can download the flip book template to assemble yourself for $2.00.